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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Out Of My League - Such A Nice Guy!

I have heard it many times before and I have even told this to people before. Having money does not make a person any better. And you are doesn't. But it definitely adds some distinct advantages.

I went on a date tonight. This guy physically is everything I am naturally attracted to. He was taller than me...a little bigger than me. He had a goatee which was incredibly attractive.

So here is his story - the highlights...

He was a complete gentleman (He even paid for dinner). He picked me up. He was a great conversationalist. He has traveled all over the world and all over the United States. He is successful in his career. He has culture, experience, success, and a lot of money. In short, he intimidates the hell out of me!

I felt so nervous the entire time on our date because I could not fathom why he was on a date with me. We met off the internet so he had never seen me in person before (he had seen my pictures though). So in my mind I was constantly wondering why the date was going through. Surely there are people out there who he should be going out with instead of me.

I was so nervous and felt so out of my league that I had him drop me off at the back entrance of my apt so he would not have to pull into my complex because I felt embarrassed about where I lived.

I truly felt like I was not good enough for him. But it wasn't anything that he did or said that made me feel that way. It was all me.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Images Of The Week - The Sport Of My Life

For as long as I can remember, tennis has been an important part of my life. I do not get to play as much anymore but I absolutely love it. I used to go to the tennis courts and hit for hours against the wall just by myself. Just because I simply loved the sport. I follow the players and the championships online. I am glued to any tennis match I see on television. I love it. It was the first sport that I really fell in love with. I grew up on Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Martina Navratilova (yes she still played when I was younger). I love it and always will!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My 2nd Blogger Meeting - Another Great Experience

So by now everyone knows that I met BrettCajun when he and E. Shrew came out to Atlanta. Well now I have met my 2nd blogger.

I am sure you all remember Defect Effect...well Sean ended his blog but has recently begun blogging again. We are all glad to have him back.

Well he was in Atlanta over the Memorial Day Weekend and I had the pleasure of spending over an hour with him at coffee getting to know him.

What a nice, sweet guy. We could use more like him in Atlanta.

Check out his blog - it is Southpaw13 to the right.

Thanks for stopping in to say hi Sean - great to meet you!!!!

Below is a picture of the cutie I met yesterday - go say hi to him at his blog!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fake Politeness - The Woes Of The First Date Disasters

I am sure we have all experienced this at some point. We go on a date with someone and have a great time. There is good conversation. The chemistry seems to be there. You have a lot in common. You have just an overall good time.

Then you never hear from the person again.

It is one of those mysteries of nature. You call and leave a voicemail. No return call. You send a text message just to follow up and say hi. No return text.

You are left to wonder what went wrong. You come to the conclusion that "Maybe he just wasn't into me."

This scenario happened to me except it had an addendum. A prologue if you will. But my scenario taught me that the biggest mystery is not in the question of "why did he not call me back." The biggest mystery lies in the "person" himself.

So a few weeks passed after what I thought was a good date and guess who I run into outside my gym. He was standing outside of a car talking to a friend and as I passed by in my car he smiled at me and waived. I honestly did not even recognize him b/c I had not seen him in a few weeks. I thought to myself that this guy had me confused with someone else.

So I circle back around and park and he smiles really big and waves at me and waives me over again. I don't respond b/c I don't recognize him and there was someone else over in my direction so I thought he must be talking to that person.

He then looks my direction waives again and smiles and says hi and asks me how I am. I respond with a kind nod thinking he has me confused with someone else.

Then I see him get into his car and I actually recognize the sad right? lol I recognize the car and not the person.

Then I remember who it is....and the moment I recognized who it was I was immediately baffled by this question.

Why did he act so chummy with me now yet not return my phone call or my text message. If he had wanted to be friends, then surely at least a return call would be in order. Even if the call is just to say "hey let's be friends", it would still be the polite thing to do.

I just don't understand guys that ignore you after a date but when they see you in public want to act like they didn't ignore in the first place. They want to act like you have this great history and are friends.

I honestly have nothing to say to this guy. Not because I hate him or anything like that. But if he did not have the decency to even call me back to try and be friends or even casual acquaintances then I am definitely not taking the time and effort to fake it in public for him.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

English As An Official Language - Racist or Not?

Recently Democratic Senator Harry Reid called legislation to make English the official language of the United States "Racist". The proposal went to pass the Senate by a vote of 63 - 34. All Republicans were joined by 11 Democrats in passing the legislation. Moments after that vote, the Senate passed another resolution calling English the "common and unifying language."

Now lets just take a look at the accusation made by Senator Reid and see if it even holds water in the slightest bit. Earlier this year, a Zogby International poll cited that 84% of Americans believed English should be the national language. In that same poll, 77% of Hispanics actually agreed with this idea. Furthermore 92% of Republicans in that poll and 84% of Democrats agreed with the idea of making English the official language. But, let us just not look at the thoughts of our own population and representatives...let's look at this on a global scale.

Of the 193 countries in the world, 178 have at least one officially recognized language. For you math people, that is 92% It is actually amazing that the United States is one of the countries that does not. According to Mr. Reid's comments, the world is one damn racist place.

English is already the official language of approximately 34 countries including but not limited to Australia, the Bahamas, Belize, Canada (along with French) Hong Kong (along with Chinese), Ireland (along with Irish), Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Nigeria, many more

French is already the official language of approximately 30 countries including but not limited to Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, Chad, the Congo, France, Guinea, Haiti, Monaco, Niger, Senegal, etc...

German is already the official language of Austria, Belgium (has multiple official languages), Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland (again having multiple official languages)...

Portuguese is already the official language of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome, Principe, and even in parts of Spain...

Taking the above into account and remembering that 92% of countries have at least 1 national language, one can hardly call a proposal to make English the official language "racist". I mean come "De facto" English is already the official language here anyway.

Having a national language is no more racist than having a national anthem or a national flag.

And if Mr. Reid really believes that making English the official language of the United States is racist against Hispanics, lets just take a look at those countries south of the border...

Surely they would not have any national languages would they Mr. Reid...because that would make them racist....let's just look....

Spanish is the official language of:

* Argentina
* Bolivia (with Aymara and Quechua)
* Chile
* Colombia
* Costa Rica
* Cuba
* Dominican Republic
* Ecuador
* El Salvador
* Equatorial Guinea (with French)
* Guatemala
* Honduras
* Mexico
* Nicaragua
* Panama
* Paraguay (with GuaranĂ­)
* Peru (with Quechua)
* Uruguay
* Venezuela

And let's not forget Brazil with Portuguese as its official language
And let's not forget Suriname with Dutch as its official language

Wow - I wonder if Mr. Reid did any research on the topic before he opened his mouth on the Senate floor. It is definitely not racist for these countries to recognize Spanish as their official language. Neither is it wrong for Brazil to recognize Portuguese or Suriname to recognize Dutch as its official langauge. And it is definitely not racist if the United States wants to join the ranks of other nations and officially recognize a national language.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

We Need To Listen To A Bush For Once - Profound I Know

On May 14th in reference to campaigning on a constitutional amendment denying equal marriage rights to same-sex couples, First Lady Laura Bush was quoted on "Fox News Sunday" as saying, "I don't think it should be used as a campaign tool, obviously."

It's amazing to me that in a time when all the polls and true common sense says that voters are concerned with rising gas prices, rising national health care costs, and national security, that the damn religious right and republicans would still be focused on a stupid amendment barring marriage for same sex couples.

If you ban gay marriage, gas prices will still be the same. Oil companies will still be making record profits while the individual suffers.

If you ban gay marriage, our borders, airports, and seaports will be no safer. We will still be living with the threat of attack from abroad and within.

Our national health care crisis will not be solved: the estimated 45 million Americans with no healthcare will still have no healthcare. This is an outrage when 74% of people with no healthcare come from working families and 8.5 million children in America have no health care coverage.

How in the hell will banning same sex marriage help those children get proper medical attention? Tell me that Mr. Bush and the great Republican Party...

It appears to me that George Bush and the Republicans realize that they have absolutely wrecked this country and are in desperate need for a rallying cause to bring back the faithful. So naturally they scapegoat same-sex couples and individuals as the cause of all problems in the United States.

It is a shame that with women in such powerful influencing positions as Mary Cheney and First Lady Laura Bush, that these women do nothing to influence the men in their lives towards the side of fairness and justice.

Mr. Bush is obviously not listening to the First Lady...we can only hope that America does...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Controversy...Drama...Suspense - I Love It

This movie has not received very good reviews since being screened however I cannot wait to see it. To me it appears to have all the elements of a phenomenal movie. I hope it lives up to the hype.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nothing Compares 2 U - Memories That Never Fade

Looking back it passed like a flash. Now the memories are all I hold of those times we spent together. The photos are gone. The phone calls are gone. The connection is gone. You were my first. You will not be the last. But there is a tiny piece of my heart that will always be yours Brock.

So here is a special thought for my first boyfriend, my first intimate connection, and my first love. You were a part of my life for over 2 years. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are as happy in life as I am.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Don't Grab A Pot On Fire - You Will Get Burned

In case some of you did not know...if you grab a pot that is on fire your hand will get burned. Yes it's true. I know this may come as a surprise but skin does not respond well to fire.

I learned this lesson this weekend. So tragic...So stupid

I put some water to boil on the gas stove that we have. I placed my vegetables in the pot and placed the lid on the pot and set my timer. I forgot to leave room so the steam could vent out the top of the pot. So while I was away the water boiled up and over down onto the gas flames.


The top of the stove was in flames...YIKES...

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the pot which was on not only was it on fire but it had a metal handle...yeah real smart...

So I dropped the scalding hot pot on the stove with my vegetables and turned off the gas which is what I should have done to begin with.

I put out the fire and all disaster was averted except for the burns on my right hand.

Lesson learned...

Double Meaning - Misunderstanding

Saturday night I texted my friend Heather to find out what they were up to. She texted me back that she was with one of her friends at Neighbors. I texted her that I would come out. I got ready and drove to her place. I searched for a parking space for 40 min before finally texting them saying I was going home b/c parking was so bad.

She called me as I was on my way home and asked me where I was. I told her about the parking situation in Midtown to which she responded...Midtown...that is nowhere near Virginia that moment my parents beeped in and the call with Heather was disconnected.

Then while I was talking to my parents it hit me...

When Heather texted me "Hanging with John at Neighbors..." she meant a BAR.

I thought she meant she was hanging out at her "neighbors" apartment.

I felt like a complete idiot and texted her back that I was staying in for the night.

What a DUMBASS mistake to make....oh well...