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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No Time To Blog - Problem Almost Fixed!

I am ordering a new hard drive for my computer - apparently my current one in my laptop is fucked up beyond repair....


for my faithrul readers if you are still ou there, please let me know

I will be back up consistently soon - i promise!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Globe As A Gift - Making A World of Difference

I found out this week that my grandmother on my mom's side has about 1 - 3 months to live. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and it spread to her whole body. I found out about my grandmother's illness b/c of a Christmas gift she sent to me. She sent it to my parents address b/c she did not have my address. While my father was telling me about the gift, etc..he mentioned my grandmother's illness.

But first let me fill you in on some history...

I am not close to my grandmother at all. It is not that I do not like her or miss her. I guess the reason for my lack of connection is my lack of communication. I have not spoken to her since my teenage years. She is estranged from my mother and they have not spoken in a long time either.

In fact, even though my mother knows her mom is about to pass on, she refuses to call her mother. I honestly do not know all of the history that brought about the split between my mother and my grandmother, but I am saddened that it has come to this.

So anyway, my grandmother sent me a globe - not just any globe - it is a globe where each country is a unique precious gemstone and the base is 14k gold plated. Its a very nice globe and I was absolutely shocked to have received it considering that I have not spoken to my grandmother in so long.

But it made a world of difference in how I view my grandmother. I was touched that she thought of me - it should not shock me - I mean don't most grandmothers think of their grandchildren and wonder how they are doing?

I think of my grandmother every now and then and I wonder how she is doing. She is the last one of my grandparents that is still alive. I will be sad when she passes on because she is family - and when it comes down to it, I love my family - every member...whether I see them or not. They are my blood and I am connected to them in a way that I can never be to everyone else.

So this globe will be special - it will be the last thing I receive from her most likely - I will think of her every time I look upon it...

But I can say this - when my parents pass on I will be there if I can - and I will leave nothing unspoken. Estrangement has no place in my life or in my family.

So Much To Talk About - So Little Time!

Well - I am about to bite the bullet. I am about to just give in and buy myself a new cheap ass laptop to replace my current one. I only use my home computer for the internet so I don't need a fancy one anyway. The one I have right now is kaput...dead...over and done with....

And I am tired of not being able to sign on at home or at starbucks to blog and catch up on things...

As many of you know, Brett Cajun came to visit Atlanta for the LSU - Georgia game (sorry LSU couldn't pull off the win Brett) :-).

It was great to meet him and E-Shrew - we all had a good time. I will leave it at that :-) :-) (I can hear Brett Cajun giving off a HUGE sigh of relief now!)

I am at work all day today - so I will be adding more posts throughout the afternoon... stay tuned!