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Saturday, May 20, 2006

We Need To Listen To A Bush For Once - Profound I Know

On May 14th in reference to campaigning on a constitutional amendment denying equal marriage rights to same-sex couples, First Lady Laura Bush was quoted on "Fox News Sunday" as saying, "I don't think it should be used as a campaign tool, obviously."

It's amazing to me that in a time when all the polls and true common sense says that voters are concerned with rising gas prices, rising national health care costs, and national security, that the damn religious right and republicans would still be focused on a stupid amendment barring marriage for same sex couples.

If you ban gay marriage, gas prices will still be the same. Oil companies will still be making record profits while the individual suffers.

If you ban gay marriage, our borders, airports, and seaports will be no safer. We will still be living with the threat of attack from abroad and within.

Our national health care crisis will not be solved: the estimated 45 million Americans with no healthcare will still have no healthcare. This is an outrage when 74% of people with no healthcare come from working families and 8.5 million children in America have no health care coverage.

How in the hell will banning same sex marriage help those children get proper medical attention? Tell me that Mr. Bush and the great Republican Party...

It appears to me that George Bush and the Republicans realize that they have absolutely wrecked this country and are in desperate need for a rallying cause to bring back the faithful. So naturally they scapegoat same-sex couples and individuals as the cause of all problems in the United States.

It is a shame that with women in such powerful influencing positions as Mary Cheney and First Lady Laura Bush, that these women do nothing to influence the men in their lives towards the side of fairness and justice.

Mr. Bush is obviously not listening to the First Lady...we can only hope that America does...


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