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Monday, July 30, 2007

NAACP Urges Fairness For Vick - But Why Now?

I think the latest statements by the NAACP about the Michael Vick case are quite ironic when you consider what has transpired in our nation over the last few years. At best, they are an example of how race and emotion can cause favoritism even in those who strive for equality, and at worst, they represent a horrible case of hypocrisy and "race" favoritism thrown right in our faces.

According to an article on, R.L. White, president of the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP said the Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been vilified by animal rights groups, talk radio and the news media and prematurely punished by his team and corporate sponsors.

The article goes on to say,
"If Mr. Vick is guilty, he should pay for his crime, but to treat him as he is being treated now is also a crime," White said at a news conference. "Be restrained in your premature judgment until the legal process is completed."

Further down in the article (which I will include a link to at the end of this post) we read:
Georgia NAACP President Edward Dubose thanked Vick for his community service and the money and excitement he has brought to Georgia as a Falcon. Dubose said Vick is being prosecuted in the court of public opinion before he has had a chance to defend himself. "We're not condemning bad behavior, but Michael Vick is innocent until proven guilty," Dubose said.

I mean come on...before I even go into the Duke Lacrosse case, aren't the ironies of these statements already glaringly obvious???

Here are quotes from NAACP leaders at the start of the Duke Lacrosse case as reported by the local news in Durham (again link will be at bottom of page):

Back in Durham, where the allegations of rape and racism have been deeply felt, having led to near daily protest rallies, leaders of the black community also spoke out, saying they were satisfied with the two arrests.

"We hope to be satisfied as we move forward. That is why we are making it clear today that with the indictments, it is not the end of our monitoring," said the Rev. Dr. William Barber with the North Carolina chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

"We must also pray for those indicted yesterday," Barber continued. "The allegations suggest a downward spiral from privilege and advantage to decadence and deviance."

So it seems that leaders from the NAACP weren't keeping an open mind when it was 3 supposedly privileged white guys on trial. They said the indictments suggested a downward spiral from privilege and advantage to decadence and deviance. You don't have to read much into that statement to realize there is already judgement there.

Al Sharpton defended the accuser and the DA of Duke from the very beginning adding yet another load of judgment upon the Duke Lacrosse players.

The Duke Lacrosse players were criticized for their privilege and wealth.
Michael Vick is praised by NAACP leader for how much money he has brought to Georgia.

The Duke Lacrosse players were judged in the media by everyone...the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton The Black Panthers, Duke, The DA...everyone
Michael Vick has the NAACP telling everyone that he is being tried in the court of public opinion and that is not fair.

The Duke Lacrosse Players were condemned to their fate and protested by the African American Community in Durham, the NAACP, etc almost from Day one.
Michael Vick has the NAACP telling everyone that they need to withhold their judgements until the legal process is complete.

The Duke Lacrosse Players were suspended from their teams, Duke Lacrosse basically shut down, and they were suspended from Duke altogether. One player lost his job offer he had received.
Michael Vick's defender from the NAACP says that his team and corporate sponsors are punishing him prematurely (though he still collects his paycheck)! However, it is also true that Vick was suspended from the Falcon's training camp...

Now one may make the statement or at least the thought might pop into one's head that: of course they view the cases is about rape and the other about illegal dog fighting. And my response is this...we are not disputing, arguing, or debating that the cases are different...we are not disputing that one is a more serious crime...but....

Does the level of severity of a crime committed impact whether or not someone is innocent until proven guilty??? Absolutely not.

I agree with everything the NAACP has said about Michael Vick's case. He DOES deserve his day in court, he IS innocent until proven guilty, he should NOT be tried in the media, and we SHOULD reserve our judgements.

My frustration is this:

Where were all these pearls of wisdom when it was 3 privileged white guys on trial in North Carolina? Why wasn't the NAACP speaking this same type of rhetoric when they were being vilified in the press and by the black community? Why did it take the intervention of the NC Attorney General Office, published accounts of the accusers multiple stories of what happened, and the appointing of a special prosecutor to get the NAACP to finally start speaking in neutrality about wanting to find JUSTICE rather than VENGEANCE and a desire to see this played out in court rather than the media???

The main difference is that now we have a privileged, rich, black athlete on trial...

And that my friends, just SCREAMS racism....

NAACP Urges Fairness For Vick

Duke Lacrosse Players Face First-Degree Rape, Kidnapping Charges

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Does Anyone Else Love 80s Music? - Let's Dance!

Flashdance, that is! :-)

I like this version below:

It appears to be the song by Irene Cara played over the video of "Im Glad" by Jennifer Lopez - it works though!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Can You Be More Selfish and Self Centered - A Girl I Would Rather Not Know

This little story all started several months ago when I went on a date with a guy I met here in Atlanta. Overall, he was a nice guy, but the date just did not go that well for a few reasons, but looking back I have no issue with this particular guy. He seems to be a nice guy and you just have to let things go and move on. :-)

But through him, I met this girl and she seemed to be very nice as well...we actually hit it off and spent a good amount of time talking. She gave me her telephone number and we decided we would text or call to keep in touch and get together for drinks.

Well about a week later or so I texted her to say hi and see how she was doing. I did not realize it b/c it slipped my mind, but I never heard from her. So after a few more weeks, I texted her again just to say "hi cutie, how are you?" Again I never heard from her...hmmmmm

So I waited a few more weeks and life went along and I decided to text her again. And yet again I did not hear from her. So at this time, I decided to move on and realized that she did not want to be friends and did not want to hang out.

Now I am sure you might be wondering, why didn't I call her? Well, when I met her the first night, she told me that she was a huge text messaging person...she said that was actually easier for her than telephone there you go.

So, imagine my surprise when yesterday I receive a text message from a telephone number that I do not recognize. This means that it is either a stranger or someone who I deleted from my cell phone. Well in this case, it was the latter.

The text message came from the girl who had decided not to return any of my previous text messages. And what was the subject of her text message you might ask???? It was to announce that she was having a birthday party and was wanting to invite everyone to come. It was obviously a group message sent out on her phone. Which is frustrating because that means she had my number and decided to never respond to me. And she decided to only text me when it was ALL about her...her birthday...her night...her plans....her schedule.

Well, since it is her birthday I have two words to say to her as I won't be going to the party.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me - I Am 29!

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Bittersweet Symphony Of Life

Sunday, July 08, 2007

So I Am At A Crossroads - To Let It Live Or Let It Die?

So as of late I have been thinking about whether or not to continue my blog. It seems to have become a chore for me at times. I have so much to say, but it seems to take so much out of me to write it down that I simply give up and delete the partial entries and close down the computer.

I am kind of on an online cleansing phase. I deleted my myspace account...deleted my connexion this would just be in line with everything else.....

So we will see.....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!