My So Called Life - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Embrace life -- both the sweet days and the bitter...embrace the joy and the sadness...the successes and the defeats -- for all of these things, both good and bad, have made you who you are.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Look Upon Past Relationships - Who Really Knows The Future

Have you ever just sat back and pondered all of the past relationships that you have had. For some of us that may be a pretty short list...for others, the list might be pretty extensive. Either way is just as valid as the other.

Little experience is no worse than too much experience.

One makes you nervous about the future and the other can make you jaded about the past!

But through it all I think a lesson is learned through each trial and through each experience.

That is what I am learning day after day, month after month. With every time I am stood up, with every first date, with every first kiss, with every new budding romance, there is something to learn and potentially something to be saddened about.

But what would be truly sad...would be for me or anyone else to go through the experience and learned nothing. The only true regret is not to have lost and it is not to have never loved. I believe the only true regret is to not learn all that life has to offer as it prepares you for life and love.

Because you never know when either one of them will come to an end!

I believe that no matter how far in the past they may be, there is one person who will come to mind above all others. There is always that one special person who keeps a little piece of your heart even after they are gone. I celebrate that little piece because it helps make me who I am today.

Here's to you Brock!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This Friday I am starting my vacation...I am going back to Texas for some much needed rest and relaxation. I am so excited.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pushed To The Limit - What Can You Do?

So what do you do when you feel like you have given everything you can give....and then you are asked to give more?

I have been at my current job for 5 years, and I have always given 110%. But, I feel like I have given everything I could over the last year to my job. I have worked from home, worked early, worked late, worked on weekends, worked on holidays, worked on my co-workers files, taken over co-workers files, worked lists/tasks for my entire work unit, taken over tasks for my entire work unit, taken over tasks for the entire work office, trained new people coming into the office, taken on mentoring new people, worked on trainees lists/files without being asked b/c they were behind....and none of that has anything to do with my own personal responsibilities...

I am exhausted...I am tired and I am in need of a break. I am in need of more than just a vacation...problem is...I do not know what it is that I need. Even though I feel like I am on the edge, I look back over the last year in Atlanta and I simply smile.

The last year and a half in Atlanta has been wonderful. I have learned so much about myself and about life in general. I could make a long wish list of things I wish were different in my life, but in making the list, I would simply be wasting more time. Instead of making the list of things I wish were better or different, I want to live life better and different.

I was talking on the phone today to a friend of mine and I recalled the post I wrote back on June 22, 2006 entitled Party For One.

Party For One - A Glass Of Wine And Peace and Quiet

I think during my entire span of almost 2 years on this blog, this entry sums up my entire way of thinking and my entire idea of what I wanted this blog to be. I wanted it to be about me and my own self discovery. Whether I learned about myself in the arena of politics, religion, love, or just life in general, I wanted it to be an expression of who I really am. With each post, no matter how silly or serious I think I achieved that goal.

Writing is one of the few outlets, if not the only one, that can challenge me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psycologically, relationally and so on...So here's to writing, journaling, scribbling, doodling and however else you express yourself on paper...

A great quote I heard from a recent movie, V For Vendetta:

"Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth."

And another great quote from a great woman of our time, Madonna:

"Express Yourself"....on paper that is :-)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Drunken Matt - With My Friend Heather!

My friend Heather and I - Arent't We Cute?!?!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

What The Hell Is Israel Thinking? - A Nuclear Strike?

Ok..Now i have typially been a supporter of Israel - probably in line with the majority of Americans...but

I have to ask the question...what the hell is Israel thinking with planning a nuclear attack on Iran?

That will do nothing but potentially trigger a full out nuclear with between multiple countries.

I have to say - I do not agree with the use of nuclear weapons...

See link below for story

Israel Plans Nuclear Attack

Monday, January 01, 2007