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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Random Thoughs on Equality, Life, and the sort...

I believe that EVERY PERSON regardless of who they are, is and should be treated as equal to everyone else. There is no reason to think, believe, or subscribe to a belief that views anyone as inherently less than anyone else.

I believe equality is NOT something that should be put to a vote at the ballot box...why would we as Americans (the so-called standard bearers for freedom, equality and justice) ever allow Freedom and/or Equality to have a "NO" option. If you disagree with me, just imagine the right you hold most dear...then imagine that the rest of the country gets to decide if you should have that right...its astonishing how your mindset can change.

I believe that the only way to secure equality for yourself, is to defend it for everyone else. If you fail to support and defend the rights and freedom of others, who will be there to defend you when your own rights are threatened.

The life we wish we were living, keeps us from fully engaging in the one we currently possess. Stop wishing and hoping and praying for a different life, a different path, a different anything. Enjoy the life you already have and make changes to obtain the one you want.

Sometimes you have to see yourself for everything you are not, in order to realize everything you can become.

Life is easy for those who push no boundaries and test no limits. Always push harder, think bigger, live and love stronger. Give out what you would wish to recover and overlook in others, the same flaws that exist in your own life.

Be a better others and to yourself...

Name one person who made the world a better place by taking away and restricting the rights and freedoms of others. Who benefits from laws that segment and divide society. Does it erase poverty, end war, and cure our serious diseases and plagues....

I think not...


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