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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cancelled On At The Last Minute - A Date That Didnt Happen

So I had a date tonight planned for tonight - operative word being "planned".

I got cancelled on literally at the last minute. We had spoken online earlier last weekend and decided to have coffee and hang out, talk, etc....well we hadn't talked until this afternoon - yeah I know my bad for not calling him earlier...oh well..

So I called him this afternoon and left him a message asking him if he still wanted to have coffee. I asked him to just call me back and let me know either way.

Well...he did call back and leave a message. He stated that he still wanted to have coffee and that he had a meeting in the afternoon and then had to hit the gym...but he would call me after he got out of the gym and we would meet up for coffee.

I called him back around 7:00 and left a message letting him know that I had finished the gym and just touching base on the night. He called me back around 8:00 and said he was feeling tired and that he needed to reschedule...

I'm not upset at all - I was exhausted myself from working out and I probably would not have been the best company tonight either. He seems like a nice guy overall - so no worries no complaints...

Perhaps we will meet up for coffee next week when he gets back into town - I kind of hope we do - he seems like a good guy and it never hurts to have more nice people in your life.


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