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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sunni and Shiite - Trouble Brewing

Shiite Iraqis - 60%... Sunni Iraqis - 20%... Sunni Kurdish Iraqi - 17%

The New York Times had a great article on its website today entitled "Sunnis Wary as Turning-Point Vote Nears." The article centers around the upcoming referendum on the Iraqi Constitution.

The article discusses particular sections of the new constitution and how it affects certain portions of the population, specifically the Sunni Minority.

Throughout history, despite being the minority by the numbers, Sunnis have maintained the "power" positions of rule and government. They were in control when the British turned over control...they were in control with the ensuing monarchy...they were in control duing the time of Saddam Hussein. So they are not used to being the minority.

Throughout the article, many Sunni Iraqis are interviewed about their feelings towards the upcoming constitutional vote.

Many sunnis describe excessive searches, death threats, violence, difficulties in obtaining entrance to college, and attempts to change their names to avoid a Sunni surname...

Now some might say it is the "just desserts" of mistreating the shiite majority for all this time....but I don't see it that way...

It saddens me - every country has its rough spots in the democratic process - just look at the United States to see that.

But this separation and segregation reminds me too much of the Hutu-Tutsi civil war in Rwanda...

I hope that sort of violence does not start up again...


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