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Friday, June 01, 2007

Such A Romantic Song - What Does It Means To You

Hey guys - I absolutely love this song - In a weird way it is so romantic and vulnerable to me. Let me know what each of you feels when you hear this song. I am going to leave this post as the newest one for a while. I am interested in what everyone feels when they hear it.

Does it reach down deep into anyone else's heart besides mine?


  • At 10:14 PM, Blogger abnitude said…

    i love that song matthew. i had never seen that video and think that i basically had thought that it was a relationship that was a little off kilter. they couple was always at different places inside their heads and they never fit or never seemed to be right for each other because of how their feelings. the singer though was always trying to be with his love and by the songs end, has felt that the loveinterest has had the revelation that they can work and be together.
    i really really like "she says"!i had known that song before "collide" and never connected the artist..howie.


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