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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Late Is Too Late - Whining At Blockbuster

I was in Blockbuster earlier this week...I had just walked through the door when a gentleman approached the check out stand. He had a movie in his hand. I usually do not try to eavesdrop on other conversations but I could not help but here this one as he was talking kind of loud.

He was asking if there was a way that he could return a movie that he had held in his possession for 40 days. The clerk at the desk was telling him the policy and the customer was pleading and getting louder. Finally I assumed he asked for a manager or for someone who was not in at the time. They gave him the time she would be there the next day and he walked out.

Now I would not say that this person was unruly at all. He was a little loud and a little pushy with the clerk but overall not a very difficult customer.

The thing that annoys me is how long he argued with the clerk over the policy. I guess the argument can be made that if you don't ask, you never know what they will say. But the policy is very clear.

There are no more late fees. You have one week rentals or 2 day rentals depending on whether the movie is a new release and a one week grace period. After that you are charged for the cost of the movie and as long as you return it before 30 days you will be refunded the cost minus a restocking fee.

This man kept the video for 40 days...come on dude...get a life and move on!


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