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Monday, July 11, 2005

Daily Routine - Comfort in Consistency!

Today did not start off as a good day. I went to bed late b/c of my chronic insomnia. I overslept b/c I did not fall asleep until 4:00 am. I woke up at 7:15, and I am supposed to pick up my car pool buddy at 7:20. (Does anyone else see a problem here?)But somehow on the drive in with my carpool buddy D (check out prior link here:
  • An Awesome Car Pool Buddy
  • everything calmed down. Stopped for taquitos as Whataburger (Yum!) arrived at the office only 20 minutes late and our day began.

    By midmorning, it had gone downhill. 25 phone messages later, 15 screaming customers making me deaf, and too many new files to investigate...the day seemed like a losing battle. Lunch was long forgotten and by mid afternoon I was dead to the world. Then suddenly in a matter of minutes, I settled 3 files, cleaned another 4 off my desk, and WOW - I could actually see my desk. The world calmed down.

    By 5:00 (with a couple phone messages not returned - argh!!!) I was ready to leave - defeated by another day of missed goals and frustrating negotiations. Then the carpool home brought about more relaxation. Its a time when both D and I vent. Vent about customers, about our jobs, take a deep breath, and then talk about what makes us happy, or what we want out of life. He talks about his new baby on the way. It always ends with a smile and a "I'll see ya tomorrow mornign!"

    I get home to relax and enjoy the evening with my dinner and safety and comfort of my tiny little apartment. It has become a typical routine. One that I am growing fond of day by day.


    • At 10:55 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

      Can anyone tell me how to format that link to erase the little dot in front of it? Thanks! :-)

    • At 11:24 PM, Blogger Jim said…

      Nothing wrong with the routine, just remember to shake it up once in a while.

      You can "unbullet" in Compose mode. Or if you are brave you can remove the list item tag in the HTML (li ... some crap .. /li)


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