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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Friday Night Date - A Success!

I met this guy a while back on We chatted for just a little while, but nothing came of it. We never spoke on the telephone. We never met in person. We didnt really make any sort of connection. I was out at the Round Up last weekend and it was towards the end of the night when this guy walks up behind me at the bar and says, "Hey...arent you on" Im like great!....that is just how I like to be identified in a bar. Oh well...

We chat and exchange names and we both recall that we had talked before online. He is a very cute guy. I was so drunk I did not get his number at the bar. I just said..."I will see you online." Afterwards I was kicking myself for this.

So I sign onto the next night and I see his screenname online so I send him a response....send a second message.....still no response.

I wonder - was he just being polite last night at the bar...???

Hmmm - so I went out on a limb and sent him a message with my number asking him to call me sometime if he wanted to talk or hang out..etc....I almost felt like a crazy guy for giving my number out like that over the net to someone who I couldnt tell was even interested in me.

So...I leave my apt and go run some errands...i come back and he still has not responded to my messages on well I think....

Suddenly I get this text message that says, "I am trying to send you messages but i guess you arent getting them...I am signed on now."

So I just call the number back that the text message came from and I am greeted with a deep voice saying, "Hi there." :-)

We talk for a while - right now he lives in East Texas but is moving to the Dallas area in a few weeks for a new job. Lucky me.

We set up a date for yesterday. We went for mexican food and a movie. We saw Land of the Dead. Turns out we are both horror movie buffs. Ha Ha. What a first date movie, eh? But it was awesome. Had so much fun at dinner and the movie.

He spent the night but it was innocent. He couldnt drive back the 3 hours to his house that night. Just cuddled and slept. He went to a pool party today that was already scheduled in Dallas and we are meeting up tonight to hang out again.

So I will keep ya posted....

Did I mention he smokes...ugh....ha ha...but its not a deal breaker

His cute smile more than makes up for it...


  • At 12:02 AM, Blogger Jim said…

    Go Matt go! :-D

  • At 6:37 PM, Blogger Justin said…

    Hey! I'm new to your blog, Matt. It's great from what I've read so far!

    Regarding this post - I would just say...don't settle for a smoker!! Well, unless he's smokin'! haha

    Yes, I tell bad jokes. It's part of my charm ;) LOL

    Check out my blog sometime - Just keep in mind that I have to do posts for a grad school class I'm taking so some of them can be boring.

    Good luck with mystery (smoker) man.

    - Justin

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Schlitz25 said…

    Since when is a week considered "a while back"? Is that "back in the day?" hehee

    Bad friend telling secrets online,

    (hehehe, dont be mad Matt)

  • At 1:46 PM, Blogger Schlitz25 said…

    btw- Is this the same boy you were telling me about on the phone? You sure are goin on lots of dates, good for you boy...l need to learn from you! When r u going to share with us the raw details of these online misadventures?


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