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Monday, November 13, 2006

Democrats Win Congress - A Rebuke To Bush

The year was 2000 and the former Governor of Texas, George W. Bush won, stole, or whatever his way into the White House. Believe it or not I actually voted for him the first time. Having grown up in Texas my whole life and having met George W. Bush, I had an idea of what he was like. He came across as a moderate in Texas...someone who worked with members of both parties. Looking back he was able to work with members of both parties b/c in Texas there may be different parties but ALL are conservative. But anyway I digress...

So he gets swept into office and he becomes this conservative force knocking down all barriers between him and a conservative new world order. Some of those like me who voted for him felt betrayed on many issues...fiscaly, socialy, domestic policy, foreign policy..etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Most, if not of us all felt this drawing to him after 9-11...his forcefulness, his patriotism, his national pride. He made us proud to be Americans at a time when our nation was suffering. We along with the world gave him this latitude to go forth and attack terror. Soon...though some of us again would feel betrayed.

So four years go by and some of us hope that maybe the mistake will be corrected. The nation voted and Bush won 51% - 49%...not quite a mandate but it was taken as such......

Now I dont want to be considered a Bush hater...I am sure he is a super nice guy. A God fearing guy...probably a great husband and father...but as my President, he has let me down.

I for one am glad that FINALLY in the 6th year of his Presidency, the people spoke up and finally demanded that he listen. Now...he wont go UNCHECKED, UNBALANCED, and UNCONTROLLED. The people spoke and he had to change course. I am not under the idea that major changes will happen with the Democrats in control of Congress. What I am excited about is the CHECK it will place on the Executive branch which has gone haywire under Bush.

Even though I do not approve of most things done in his Presidency, I BELIEVE that it can be saved and salvaged. All Bush has to do is LISTEN. I think that many times that appears to be his biggest weakness.

He seems to be on a mission to change the world, but I think it is easier to change the world if you listen to what it needs rather than force it to take what you have.


  • At 8:04 PM, Anonymous nettie said…

    Wow...sound perspective you offer here, M.

  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger Matthew said…

    Hey Nettie - thanks for the comment - how are you doing?

  • At 11:21 PM, Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said…

    You're preaching to the choir Matt! LOL I've been signing this song since when he was our Gov. in TX.

    I'm thinking of moving back to Dallas my latest post. I love AZ, but I miss the south - friends and family.


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