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Sunday, July 17, 2005

High School Poetry - Flash From The Past

Wow - I was cleaning out an old box of papers today and I came across this poem that I submitted to a high school publication my senior year. This poem is very simplistic and not as complicated as some of the other poetry, short stories I have written, but it has always been my favorite. I don't know why...maybe b/c it was one of the first things I wrote. Hmmmm...well here it simple form and all....


The world closes around me
I don't know how to act
It stalks me every step of the way
It shows me what I lack

I try to run to no avail
It's always right behind me
I turn to the left, I turn to the right
It knows just where I'll be

It feeds upon the weak and poor
Taking whatever it can
Faster and faster it becomes
Feasting on all man

Never knowing who'll be next
It travels through our lives
Whenever one of us gets caught
A part of the world just dies

You never know where it is next
This sickening thing you never see
A bad disease without a name
This Uncertainty.

It will always be there
Stretching from land to land
At some point in our lives
We all fall prey to its evil hands

You try to escape
You try to flee
Suddenly you trip
And fall to your knees

Hoping it will spare your mind
Not knowing what to say
You keep thinking to yourself
There must be some other way

You try to think straight
Your mind isn's clear
You suddenly become distracted
By the cold and gripping fear.

You cannot stand the wait
You don't know what to believe
This chilling thing that has you
This Uncertainty

It has you in its grasp
It stares deep into your eyes
That chilling stare just kills you
And you suddenly break down and cry

You twist and you scream
With all of your might
Sending a shrilling noise
Throughout the peaceful night.

You start to scramble
Running down the street
You pray you do not fall
You want to stay on your feet

You find a dark alley
You have finally gotten away
But then you suddenly realize
It will be back another day

It never really stops
Someday you will see
This disease that catches all of us
This Uncertainty.

Yes....after reading it again, the stanza construction and rhyming pattern are among the most simple, but it is one of my favorites....again not sure why....

So there you have flashback to high school poetry writing...


  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger ladybug117 said…

    after reading your post 2 times 1st time did'nt understand, but second time i was in tears. Could this life you talk about be mine?????

  • At 6:56 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    I wrote this way back in high school. It is so simple, but it really spoke to me then, and I glad and honored that it spoke to you now! :-)


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