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Monday, April 17, 2006

What Else Will Preachers Say In The Name Of God - Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid

If you have followed my blog at all, then you know that I did not grow up in the church but rather chose to follow Christ in college of my own volition and was not out of an emotional experience or the persuasion of another person...the decision was made by me alone in my dorm room at Baylor...

I have since left the church but not left God...and one of the reasons why I have left the church is because of the pure stupidity being preached from the pulpit.

I live in Atlanta now and recently there was a gathering in Norcross, Georgia where the Reverend Lou Sheldon and the "Apostle" Jamie Pleasant held a conference petitioning black churches to stand against gay rights.

Apart from the pure stupidity and treating of group of people as second class citizens, lets look at the pure brilliance of these two so called apostles of God.

Below is the first piece of brilliance uttered at the conference:

Reverend Lou Sheldon says:

"Preachers never lie."

That was the simple sentence he began the conference with. Now I find it hard to believe that preachers never lie b/c I have been to many churches ad heard conflicting stories on what is and what is not the TRUTH is ABSOLUTE there can only be one valid version...and if two preachers are giving opposite sermons then one of them is lying b/c the truth of the bible is absolute leaving no room for two different interpretations...I humbly submit that Preacher Sheldon is quite possibly the most self praising, self righteous man out there...preachers never lie my ASS...

Do the names Robert Tilton, Jimmy Swaggart, and Jim Bakker ring a bell....gawd!

Now lets look at the second piece of brilliance spouted off at this conference:

"Apostle" Jamie Pleasant says:

"The marital duty is not being fulfilled. Why are we with you women? Just think about it. We have a strong sex drive. You need to do your part and keep the marriage bed pure. Whenever your husband wants sex it is your duty to say yes."

Now remember he said this in context of placing the blame for why HIV infection is rising among African Americans and an increase in the number of "down-low" African American men who hide their gay escapades..

What an absolute load of bullshit - I wonder if a single black woman at the conference actually stood up and clapped at that statement...or hell even nodded in agreement....shit..i wonder if there was a single black women who didn't wanna beat the shit out of that "apostle".

It would be too much for Apostle Pleasant as a black man to actually ask the so called "down-low" men to actually BE MEN and accept responsibility for their frivolous actions...but instead he chicken shits out and actually blames their wives.

Is this really the kind of teaching that we need in the christian church about women:

1.) Preachers never lie so if you don't believe them you are damned
2.) If your husband cheats, it is your fault
3.) If your husband gets HIV, it is your fault for not giving him enough sex
4.) If your husband gives your HIV, it is still your fault ladies - see reason 3
5.) Basically any sexual problem stems back to women not giving it up enough to their husbands...

That is the teaching that stands out at this conference and only serves to reinforce that some in the church still do not understand the idea of personal accountability for your own actions...

My question to the apostle would be this...who is to blame for the "down-low" men who are single but "straight" - is their a bank account where they can deposit their responsibility and when they marry, withdraw it and give it to their wives...its like a get out hell free card that you can pass onto their future not pass go, do not collect anything...just straight to hell...


  • At 11:48 PM, Blogger Scotty said…

    THIS stuff is total bull. I have lived it and preachers DO lie. My preacher denied half of what he said in my home.

    Luckily, the interim minister that was there DID tell the truth to my dad so at least SOMEONE told the truth!


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