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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Coming Out to New People - A Difficult Decision!

There is this really cute girl at work named Cortney. She is just the nicest, sweetest girl, and she is very pretty to boot. We were sitting at my desk just chatting for a bit about life and work, etc. I mentioned my blog to her and was telling her about my last post (The Murphy's Law). The I realized that she actually did not know I was gay. Now I don't give a shit who knows whether I am gay or not. But we all know, that the you have to be careful about work. You dont want to have to come into a hostile work environment. Sometimes its just easier keeping that part of your life on the down-low instead of making it front page news on the office newsletter. So instead of actually showing her my weblog I summarized it for her.

As we were talking, I was thinking how she would respond to me being gay. I think she would be so much fun to take out and go for drinks whether it was at a gay or straight bar. She went to A&M which leads me to believe that she leans a little on the conservative side but I know she is not THAT conservative. So the question still plagues me. I tell her or not. It honestly doesnt even matter. We never hang out after work or anything like that. Sometimes its just freeing to be able to communicate these things to the people you work with.

Oh well...for now I will not make it an issue. I will just live my life and if she happens to find out, then its all good. Most people in this office HAVE to know I'm gay anyway. I have been here over 3 years and have never mentioned a girlfriend and have no photos on my desk. If I were them, I would think I was gay. Oh well...for now we have an unspoken agreement and understanding. I will keep it at that for now!


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