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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cleaning up your Apt - Cleaning up your Life - One in the Same???

I have heard it said before that the outward way in which you live reflects the state of your own being inside. Now there is no scientific proof to support this, but lets look at it in more detail.

Do you ever hear of someone changing just one aspect of their life? Rarely do I hear one of my friends saying "Im gonna totally change my lifestyle and get in shape, but Im still going to live in a pig sty!" No...What I hear is "Im gonna change my lifestyle and get in shape. Im gonna get my whole life in order."

Usually when we start correcting one aspect of our lives, we seem to want to improve all aspects. Suddenly, we want the laundry put up right when it is done in the dryer. We want our checkbook to always balance. We want our carpets cleaned and our trash taken out on time. We want to pay our bills on time, and we want to lose weight. It seems that improvement is a package deal.

It appears that this is a similar phenomenon close to the "Halo Effect". The halo effect is when something you see or experience is so good or bad that it increases either positively or negatively something else that is connected with that experience. For example, an employee may do ten things wrong, but if the one thing he does great is the most important thing to you as a manager, You as the manager will see that employee in a better light.

The same thing goes with positive changes. We seem to want them as a package deal and as soon as one aspect of our life improves we seem to want to share that improvement with other aspects. This is in no way a bad thing. It is the driving force within us that makes us want to be better than we are. To improve.

Well, I guess I am a living example. I am on a new workout program and seeing great results. And today on my day off I have been doing tons of laundry, cleaning my apt from head to toe so that all the areas of my life are in sync. Lets hope this continues into other areas as well.


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