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Embrace life -- both the sweet days and the bitter...embrace the joy and the sadness...the successes and the defeats -- for all of these things, both good and bad, have made you who you are.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Evaluations Done! - What a Relief! I'm done evaluating my files for work. This is the part of my job that I absolutely love. I love reviewing and evaluating medical records and bills to determine a fair offer for settlement. I love the medical terminology and finding out which procedures are related to which injuries. My job is extremely stressful and I feel overloaded many times, but at the end of the day I know I have a purpose. I just don't always feel successful at it. But, that is part of the learning curve. Well, now I am going to call it a night so I can wake up tomorrow morning at 7:00 am and do it all over again!


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