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Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Night Out - A Boring Time

I am so fuckin pissed off - this makes like the fuckin 5th time i have written out an entire blog only to have it fuckin erased by this god forsaken program. It's almost not even worth blogging - I am not even going to try and re-type my blog.

In summary, I felt out of place and not a part of my friends group tonight at dinner so I came home early.

Sometimes, blogger just sucks!

But ya still gotta love it.


  • At 11:43 AM, Blogger Schlitz25 said…

    hey, sorry, I know it happens to me, and you know i write some long as blogs too. What i usually do is save a draft. Or print it out, just in case it doesn't upload,that way i can always retype really fast. But usually, I have to use the back button and just keep republishing it, until it clears the errors. Try that. Good luck


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