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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Women - I Dont't Understand Them and I Don't Want to

I am online one night in a dallas chat room on AOL. This is not a gay chat room but a regular chat room for anyone who lives in Dallas. This girl IMs me and we start chatting. Anytime I go into a chat room I chat with whoever wants to talk. I dont discriminate based on guy vs girl or gay vs straight. So we chat for a bit that night online. We go through the basics and learn a little bit about each other. She sends me a pic and I compliment her b/c she is very pretty. I go to bed and I buddy list her and she buddy lists me. End of conversation NUMBER ONE.

The next time I am online she sends me a message and we chat for just a little bit b/c I am heading off somewhere so I tell her I will catch her again online. She says ok and we end that brief discussion. End of conversation NUMBER TWO.

The next time I am online we talk for a bit and I fill her in on my situation with the Florida posts from earlier about my friends. She gives me some advice and we talk a little bit more. I then have a phone call and have to step away from the computer. When I return she has signed off. End of conversation NUMBER THREE.

Well I decide to then go into a dallas gay chat room. I fall asleep still signed into the chat room and I wake up the next morning with several IMs. One of them is from the girl. It is simply two words. "You're evil."

Now I can only assume that she is saying that b/c she saw me in a gay chat room and was offended that I had not told her I was gay. I decided I did not want to deal with any drama so I blocked her on email and instant messenger...but here are some points I want to make:

#1) Why do I have to admit up front that I am gay? If I am just chatting online whether its to a guy or a girl, why do I have to say before we chat "Oh by the way, I am gay!"...just fyi. How stupid is that? We are strangers. All I am to her is a screenname. She has no right to be offended that I am gay. We aren't dating, discussing kids...hell we havent even met and we have only talked a handful of times online. Get a grip!

#2) What is up with this unfair catch-22? Straight people make such a big deal about it when we make "Being Gay" the main focal point of our lives. My straight friends say "We have no problem with gay people but gay people always have to SHOUT it out and make it the main reason for living." Well I cetrainly dont but this girl was PISSED that I didnt tell her up front and she was upset for me NOT making it the main point. Ugh -- i cant stand that.

#3) Why the hell does being gay and going into a gay chat room make me evil? Just b/c she had visions of marriage and kids and meeting up online, that is not my problem. I cant help it if she had a goal of meeting a nice straight guy online, but instead she met a nice gay guy. I cant help it that her goal was blocked by my sexual orientation. That is not my problem.

#4) We never talked about sex. We never talked about meeting. We never talked about anything in the future that could have brought about a meeting. We never talked about anything other than surface information such as: where do you live, what do you do, what do you do in your spare time, have any pets, where you from originally..etc...blah, blah, blah. It is so irritating that she would respond with such a stupid and ill-informed comment simply b/c the truth of who I am didnt match up with her desires about me being a straight guy.

Well...this nice gay guy has had enough. Hit the road Bitch! I dont understand women and I don't want to!


  • At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Jesus Christ, are you maligning all women based on this one nutcase? Who you don't even know if she's ACTUALLY A WOMAN??? And you don't know why she called you evil?

  • At 6:41 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    HA HA - no not all women are bad - :-) but my suspisions have since been confirmed by an email she sent to me ----

    I unblocked her and i got an email from her - she stated she was upset that I did not tell her upfront --

    hmmmm - and they say a woman's intuition is best!


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