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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The True Life of an Adjuster - We Are People Too

Everyone knows my job basically. I am a casualy adjuster for an insurance company. Every time someone finds out I work for an insurance company they go off on how they hate insurance companies. Insurance companies are Evil. Insurance companies are only out to make a profit. Blah, blah, blah. That last comment really cracks me up. What company ISN'T out to make a profit. Are insurance companies supposed to be non-profit? If insurance companies didnt make a profit who would pay for all the accidents people get into??? Answer me that one.

Here are some basic rules that people need to understand about Insurance Companies.

#1.) -- Your monthly premiums are NOT like a bank account. You are not depositing money into some secret account that you can someday use. This is in response to those people (and you know who you are) that say "I have paid you ALL this money over the years...." Well yes you have paid money and you have been PROTECTED in case of an accident. This isnt a bank account, its protection against the unknown.

#2) -- Insurance is alleatory. For the uneducated this means that the relationship between the insurer and the insured customer is not always equal. This goes along with #1. You can pay insurance for 50 years and never have a wreck. Guess what....the insurance company MADE a lot of money off of you. You can have insurance for 50 years and have a wreck every year. Potentially the insurance company could LOSE money off of you. You can pay 100 a month and then have the insurance company pay you 6000 for damages to your car. The relationship is not equal. The insurance company UNDERSTANDS this. The customers need to catch up!

#3) -- If an adjuster could pay EVERY claim, trust me WE WOULD! This is directed to all those people who say "You just deny every claim to save money." Now how stupid is this comment. Yeah...there is no way in hell I am going to simply deny every claim that comes across my desk because then I am going to have to deal with customers calling and yelling at me everyday. Do you people truly believe that adjusters like getting yelled at? Are we masichists who enjoy pain and being beaten down, cussed at, threatened and yelled at over the phone?? Trust me, if I could pay every claim that came across my desk I would. Why? Because paying claims makes people happy. Unfortunately not every claim deserves to be paid. There in lies the dilemma!

#4) -- Adjusters are people too. Believe it or not, we actually have family, friends, car payments, insurance payments, just like you. Its amazing to me how many people tell me over the phone that we are "heartless" and "rude" and "mean". I find that funny b/c i never yell, never shout, never interrupt on the phone. Usually it is the customer yelling, screaming, cursing, interrupting, yet they call me "Rude and Heartless and Mean". There is an irony for you.

#5) -- Adjusters have names. And they are not any of the following:
Bitch, Bastard, Motherfucker, Asshole, Jerk, Fuckwad, Piss-ant, Pig, Slut, Prick

And my personal favorite:

Mother Fucking Bitch Slut

Also any combination of the afore mentioned words is UNACCEPTABLE!

Ok - so there are you first few rules. Memorize these! There will be a test later on. I will have more RULES for you in the future. Stay Tuned!


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