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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Gay World - A Much Needed Break

Everyone needs a break now and then. A period of time to shut the world out. A time to simply focus on yourself, become introspective, and focus on you and your own life. A time to shut out the drama and the problems that come with interaction with those around you.

I think I am gonna take a little personal gay vacation. Except this vacation is a vacation away from the gay world. I need to focus on me for a little while. Most of my friends right now are gay and I want to step away from that for just a little.

Now make no mistake...this is not just a GAY thing. I am basically stepping away from everything. I am going to simply go to work and other than that, take time for myself. Focus on making myself happier. And to do that I need a break from the things that are currently in my life.

This isnt a depression. Its not an attempt to escape from life. It is an attempt to organize my life. To focus on me and my happiness and not be bothered (at least for a little while) by the external drama of my current relationships (both friends and dating).


  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger jim said…

    This is a good thing, just make sure introspection doesnt turn to isolation. You DO still need to socialize ... if only for the entertainment value :)

  • At 9:04 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    Of course - b/c we know the gay world can be very entertaining - i still need to laugh right???

  • At 9:28 PM, Blogger jim said…

    The world can be very entertaining ... gay or straight. Yes, you need to laugh! My best times have actually been at straight bars in Fort Worth, those straight girls make most gay men look like choir boys :-O

  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    you are right bro - i have been around some straight women when they are drunk - WOW! - wild doesnt even begin to describe it!


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