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Friday, May 20, 2005

Trip to San Antonio - What a DISASTER!

Now remember this actually occurred over a month ago - he he he - jsut now posting

Well...I did finally make it to San Antonio after driving to Weatherford (which is where my sister lives) friday night. I went to SA late late late Friday night. So here is the story of my fucked up partial weekend in San Antonio. Lord is it a doozy. And it reinforces my belief that guys basically suck and my therapy/counseling sessions must continue. First of all let me summarize a prior conversation I had the guy I was visiting. He had told me in advance that this weekend was the first weekend of Fiesta...a HUGE party that lasts for over a week. He told me had a party on Friday night he had to go to, but this would not be a problem b/c i would not arrive until late..and I didnt even arrive until midnight anyway.

So the party he had to go to on Friday was not gonna be a problem. Then he told me that the only other event he had to go to was on Saturday from 2 - 4. So we would be able to hang out before and after that. We talked about having dinner saturday night and even going to see a movie. So this is the understanding I had in making the plans. The only thing he really HAD to do was this party on Saturday from 2 - 4. Now lets fast forward to the actual visit. So I arrive late on Friday night around midnight or so. The Guy meets me with a female friend(who is so sweet and very pretty by the way). He tells me we are going to a country bar called cowboys which I agree to even though I am tired. I thought it might be fun. So we get to Cowboys and it is DEAD so they decide that we will go to this club called Revolutions. He cant get into Revolutions b/c his license had expired and they would not let him in. So we went next door to this bar called Karma. Karma was very crowded but I had an ok time...had a few drinks. Well...after some big drama with some friends of his (that did not involve me), we all came back home. We all stay up late playing Jenga and drinking. Then we all go to sleep b/c we are all tired.

We wake up the next morning and go to lunch. Then everything goes downhill. At lunch he tells me about the party he has to go to from 2 - 4. We go to this party which is actually a show and skit performance. The guy meets up with his friends and that is the moment when I officially disappear. This guy was walking around talking to all of his friends, interacting, drinking, having a great time. Now he was very nice that he introduced me to all of his friends, but I was out of my element, out of my city, out of my comfort zone, and basically alone. I was visiting this guy and he spent no time with me at this event at all. I was basically just standing around by myself on the outside of the group the whole time lookin like an idiot. I wasnt able to carry on any conversations with anyone b/c they didnt know me and I didnt know them. His friends had no real reason to talk to me b/c they werent trying to get to know me. So many times i felt so uncomfortable I would simply walk off by myself and check out the bar by myself. It was actually more fun than just standing around being ignored. The party lasted until 7 or so....that means i had to feel ignored for almost 4 1/2 hours. I smiled and wanted to have a good time, but I hid my frustration and disappointment b/c i thought the evening could be salvaged. I mean after all, I had the evening to hang out with him...right???

--- Part II coming gets worse....


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