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Friday, May 20, 2005

Part II - San Antonio Disaster!

So I thought that we might have dinner together. Well...He decided to get take out from a barbecue place and go home to eat where there were other people hanging out already. So I was unable to spend quality alone time with him again. After eating I was tired and frustrated so I decided to go lie down and take a nap. Then he told me that he had told his friends that he would go out to this bar in San Antonio, the Bonham. Its a 3 story bar that was actually pretty cool. I told him I would prefer to hang out with him alone, but he stated that he had told his friedns that he would go out, so out of guilt (and I desire to at least have some fun) I decided to go to the bar with all of them. We went to the bonham which was good. We stated there for about an hour or so, and then went to this bar called the Heat. We arrived there at about 12:15 or so. After we walked in the door that was the last time I saw of the guy I was visiting until almost 3:00 am. I was forced to simply tag along with either this guy or his friends b/c I didnt know anyone at all.

The guy I visited probably didnt speak to me more than 10 - 15 minutes at the Heat. I finally got a call from a friend out of state so I went to the porch/patio and talked to him for about 30 minutes b/c he was more interested in me than the guy i was visiting. Finally for the last couple hours, I hung out with one of the guys friends name Daniel. He was so cool and so sweet. We actually sat and had an actual conversation. It was nice. I learned a lot about him and he about me. So anyway - finally around 3 am the guy shows up and states that we will leave in 2 minutes. He goes back in to say by to someone. Daniel has left at this point and I wait a little while longer and finally the guy comes back and we get to leave. We get home and I decide to just go to bed. I wake up the next morning at 11:30 and I am on my way back home by noon.

Ok that is the overall summary and now is the bitch session.... Daniel told me I was being to nice at the time b/c i was telling him that I was ok with what was going on (me getting ignored, etc). I told him I was really ok and was still having a good time in San Antonio. I told him that once I got back to Dallas, then I could get pissed off and bitch but i didnt wanna do it in San Antonio b/c I didnt wanna ruin anyone elses weekend. Long story short, Daniel apologized for this guys behavior b/c Daniel felt it was wrong how he was treating me. I thanked him but told him there was no reason to apoligize. anyway. I think its kind of rude to ignore a visitor in town the whole time while you are hanging out with your friends. I think you should have the courtesy to at least make sure that they are having a good time, and make sure they feel comfortable. Now me and this guy had decided that we were only meeting as friends..etc...we didnt wanna have any other expectations (even though I have blogged about more...that was merely questions put forth for thought). But on earth do you invite someone down, only to ignore them the whole damn time they are there. I almost came back Saturday night but decided not too....I probably should have.

For future reference, if you invite someone to visit you...just remember...THEY ARE VISITING YOU...THEY ARE NOT COMING DOWN TO VISIT YOUR FRIENDS. This guy obviously didnt know that. So yeah - trust me - this blog is edited down some. I had some real frustration built up in me but I finally just let it go. I orignally had no expectations to begin with, so this really isnt much of a loss. But this guy is no longer attractive to me at all...b/c he was inconsiderate in a way that I could never think to be. Guys really are fucked up. Maybe i should just be single for the rest of my life. My friends here in Dallas do not know that i had plans to visit this guy. I decided to keep it on the downlow b/c i just wanted a weekend away from dallas and didnt want to have to explain anything. No harm foul done.... New Rule for the future - no more guys outside of D/FW - not even a consideration. So guys, if you dont live in are OFF the list...


  • At 9:17 PM, Blogger jim said…

    SA boy was rude on the surface but remember our discussion about how insecurity causes boys to short circuit. IMHO insecure is worse than rude, dont make me bring up Plano boy that I've chatted up for EIGHT YEARS and he still doesnt have the nerve to MAKE A DAMN PHONE CALL .... LOL.

  • At 9:36 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    ha ha - again you are right on the money - I dont know what happened to San Antonio boy - it just didnt click I guess - but he is a super nice guy - no harm no foul I guess in the end


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