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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Your Home SHould Be Your Sanctuary - An Escape From The Outside

I went shopping today which anyone who is close to me knows, is not something I do that often. But I went out with a mission. To buy those things...those precious little items that will make my home, my sanctuary.

Yes indeed...the need for my inner sanctuary was important enough to take me out into the wonderful world of malls, stores, discount sales, and clearance shelves.

But wouldn't you do the same thing? If your job provided you with so much stress you considered asking for prozac insted of your yearly raise, wouldn't you run out gladly and purchase those wonderful little extras which would help you create that escape from reality?

So that is what I did...and what a difference a day makes. I can honestly say that I am surrounded by peace, tranquility, candle light and nothing else. Just me and a wonderful cocktail enjoying the evening with no other distractions.

Now what little extras did I buy?...I can hear you asking as you read this...but alas...that little piece of knowledge is just for me. You know even though it is great to lead a transparent life...sometimes, you have to hold something back for yourself.

Each one of us needs certain things to feel at home, to feel at rest, to feel at peace. And those needs are individual and secret and precious to each person. And they are not to be shared lightly.

So that is my little secret of the day. What makes my place my sanctuary of peace you might ask? Well if I told you, then it wouldn't be for just me now would it.

Enjoy your sanctuary...I have mine...


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