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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kathy, Oh Kathy - Why Did You Insult Jesus?

Kathy Griffin recently came to Atlanta, GA in August to perform at the Fox Theater. I was given two tickets to see her for my birthday by some good friends that I work with. Her set at the Fox was definitely worth it. She made me laugh harder than I can remember, and I had a great evening watching her. She is very up front and in your face and that is what I like about her.

I also watch her show on Bravo called My Life On The D-List...which is a reality TV show giving us a look into her life. I loved that show and never missed a chance to watch it.

After watching Kathy on TV, seeing her stand up shows, and seeing her in person, it is very easy to draw at least on conclusion about Kathy Griffin:

She does not like religion in the slightest bit!

She speaks of being raised Catholic and in her own words "She is a fallen Catholic who fell so far she woke up in Beijing."

Now I respect everyone's right to say what they want, when they want, how they want, etc. I believe strongly in the ideal of "Free Speech", and I would never want to limit that in anyway b/c I feel that the liberty and freedom to say what we want contributes to our individuality we have in this country. So I do not mind that Kathy consistently speaks negatively about religion or of the church that she grew up in, etc.

But for me personally this latest attack naming Jesus by name just went overboard. I am not saying that she does not have the right to say what she wants...she does! But for me, it was a definite turning point in how I viewed her.

Why is it so easy in our society to bash, attack, and degrade the name of Jesus. I could not imagine Kathy Griffin ever getting up there and saying anything like that about Muhammad! Now perhaps she had horrible, terrible experiences in her church growing up. And it does not shock me that she is not a fan of religion. She has the right to say what she wants, and I have the right to react to whatever she says.....

When accepting an award at the Emmys, what is the motivation to tell Jesus to suck it? Perhaps she is offended when people walk up there and thank God and thank Jesus...perhaps she was trying to shock everyone...perhaps she was just trying to be funny and make a headline...


I am not trying to judge Kathy at all. I think her stand up comedy is hilarious and I will always defend her right to say and believe whatever she wants. But on the other side of the argument, I have the right to not agree with her. I really like her comedy, but I will always love Jesus more...

I am a gay man which would naturally lead people to think I support Kathy Griffin because she tends to be somewhat of an icon in our community. But as she eloquently ended one of her stand up shows one time,

"Not after today..."


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