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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Road Rage Drivers Suffer Consequences - Serves Them Right!

I do not understand road rage. I do not understand how people can become so angry and turn their vehicles into weapons. Now I can understand yelling to yourself or whatever if you are stalled in traffic or if someone cuts you off. But I do not understand this phenomenon of chasing down cars, tailgating, flipping off, cursing out, or even ramming other cars.

Check out this story in California:

A stretch of Highway 138 in California was under construction to actually widen it and make it safer and more efficient for California drivers. During the construction process, commuters threw burritos at the workers, shot the workers in the leg with BBs, one commuter even struck a worker and fled the scene before he was chased down by the police at his residence (where he ironically had shaved his moustache to change his appearance).

So what did the Department of Transportation do?...they CLOSED the Highway...yup you got it...the closed the highway and now commuters cannot use the roadway at all until construction is done.

Serves the damn idiots right....

California Highway Shut Down Due To Road Rage


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