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Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Vick Is A Coward And A Liar - Is He Any Different?!?!?

As most of you probably already heard, Michael Vick is accepting the plea bargain offered by federal authorities. So he could potentially spend 18 - 36 months in prison under this plea agreement.

I am sure that for many people, this case brings up different emotions. Some people are upset that he killed and tortured animals...some are upset that he simply gambled and as a professional athlete, he should not be involved in that...some just see him as another arrogant celebrity who thinks he can get away with anything.

But in the end, I think what this plea bargain shows is that Michael Vick is a coward who had no internal desire to take responsibility for his actions or admit his wrongdoing...and I will explain why:

Let's start with the obvious! He did it! He is guilty! That is what this plea agreement says. That is a far cry from what he stated on July 27th:

"I take these charges very seriously and look forward to clearing my good name," the Atlanta Falcons quarterback said in a prepared statement read outside court by his attorney Billy Martin. "I respectfully ask all of you to hold your judgment until all of the facts are shown. Above all, I would like to say to my mom I'm sorry for what she has had to go through in this most trying of times. It has caused pain to my family and I apologize to my family."

So at the beginning of this fiasco apparently Michael Vick felt he did nothing wrong. He certainly wasn't accepting full responsibility and was not stepping up and being a man and accepting the consequences for his actions. So time moves on and we wait for the "facts" to be shown...

Well all of the facts are being shown...most notably signed statements from his two supposed "friends" and finally a statement from Michael Vick himself in which he said through his attorney:

“Mr. Vick has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to those charges and to accept full responsibility for his actions and the mistakes he has made,” Martin said in a statement. “Michael wishes to apologize again to everyone who has been hurt by this matter.” lets just get real. He LIED! He lied to his family, he lied to the media, he lied to his fans, he lied to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, he lied to everyone! Michael Vick LIED in his first statement when he said let him clear his name, the facts would show him innocent, blah blah blah.

Let's get real. The only reason why Michael Vick accepted that plea bargain and accepted full responsibility is BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT AND HAD NO OTHER WAY OUT! His "friends" were about to testify against him and he faced even more charges and finally shit hit the fan and got ricocheted into his face, and he opened his eyes.

That is what makes him like every other average person in America:

He only fessed up when he knew he had been caught!

He is no better but no worse. How many of us have lied to save our own skins and then been caught in the lie later on and had to admit the truth? Yes this case involved the torture and execution of animals which is horrible, but Michael Vick's reaction was sadly predictable and something the majority of Americans can definitely relate to...

Now even though his reaction was quite predictable what he did was horrific and disgusting. The blood on the walls from executed dogs, rape stands, electrocution, body slamming dogs on the ground, the gambling, all of it disgusts me. I think it is sad that he only faces a possibility of 36 months in prison. I hear it is possible that his plea with the State of Virginia could run concurrently with his federal time so even if he faces jail time from the state of Virginia, it would not extend his prison stay.

So let me just say, I think Michael Vick reacted the same way many people would have. He lied...he said he was innocent...he denied all wrong doing...he only admitted his wrong-doings when he had no other way out...he wasn't someone who took responsibility for his actions...he was FORCED to take responsibility by the Justice system.

I hope he gets the maximum sentence possible, and I hope he never plays football again...


  • At 10:45 PM, Blogger abnitude said…

    very good and accurate appraisal of the vick situation...he should never be allowed to play profeesional football agin and shoul have to work in an animal shelter after prison. he really isnt eavn worthy to clean up after the innocent sould of animals, but it is something he deserves to do. maybe he could be slammed on the ground a few times too.

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