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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just Because I Disagree With Bush - Does Not Mean I Agree With Clinton

Just Because I Disagree With Bush, Doesn't Mean I
Agree w/ Clinton

I am going to print out this sign and where it on me at all times. :-)

I am not a Republican, and even though I am technically not 100% in line with the Democrats all the time, I do lean left and find myself drawn more to blue than to red.

But this definitely does not mean that every time I disagree with Bush, I am in accordance with what the democrats are stating...or more important...this definitely does not mean that I agree with what Bill or Hillary Clinton are stating.

Just because I wish Bush was not in office and just because I can't wait for Bush to leave the presidency, does not mean that I am in complete agreement with what Bill Clinton did in the past or what Hillary is currently doing or may do in the future.

Now one must realize that I do not think George W. Bush is a horrible person. I do not think that he wakes up every day with a plan to make the USA weaker and more vulnerable to danger. I do not think he is an evil man. Hell, I voted for him the first time. But I have lost faith in him as president and I find myself more and more weary of his ideas and the direction he and his cabinet are taking this country. That does not automatically mean I trust the Democrats completely either.

But when any citizen loses faith in their government, I believe it is their duty to speak out and to make their dissatisfaction known...not only to other citizens, but also to their government. And part of speaking out is to voice that by voting. So everyone reading this, I do not care if you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent...just go out and VOTE....make your voice known.

I consider myself a free thinker, someone who is informed about the issues and truly makes a decision based upon the information I have gathered. I do not base my beliefs or my votes on a polarizing "idea" of voting straight Republican or straight Democrat. I look at what each person is stating on each individual issue and then draw my own conclusions.

For instance:

On the Democratic side, I find myself drawn to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

On the Republican side, I find myself drawn to Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney.

I know that each of the four candidates listed have their pros and cons and each one has skeletons that can haunt them, each one of them has flip-flopped on issues, and each one has their shortcomings...

But you know, this is how our system works...people run for office, and then you have to research each candidate and find out their individual beliefs on each issue.

Some of the major issues that are important to me right now are:
(these are in no particular order)

1) Iraq
2) Health care
3) Economy (national debt/deficit) - fiscal responsibility
4) Gay Rights
5) Immigration/Homeland Security

Now I know that each candidate is going to have a different idea on how they can fulfill each one of these needs. And my job as a voter is to research and make the most informed decision.

So yes...I want Bush out of office..but that doesn't mean that Hillary Clinton will automatically get my vote....


  • At 9:46 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    Good point Matt. I feel the same way. W needs to go since he's proven to me he cannot handle the job. The problem I have with Clinton is that she seems only to pander to the biggest checkbook. The problem I have with Obama is his lack of experience and relationships at a level he might need to be pres.

    Its going to be an interesting election!

  • At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am not a registered Domocrat and Lord knows I would never consider being a registered republican... I do belive that w is a liar and a manipulative war criminal. He was not voted into office and should not be there now. I have been in the national financial business for the last 22 years and I must say that during Bill's administration the economy and the state of the US was so much better. If you are lucky enough to travel to other countries, you would be horrified and embarassed by other country's thoughts of the US. No longer are we globally respected and we have w to thank for that. Having the Clinton name back in the White House would be a huge step on the road back to repairing our reputation. The opinions of our foreign brothers and sisters is very important to our survival as a global leader.


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