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Friday, August 10, 2007

A Draft??? - Bush Must Be Crazy But What Else Is New

Bush would be an idiot if he reinstated the draft to fight this never-ending, vietnam-esque war in Iraq. Perhaps if he did this people would finally wake up and realize that we need new direction and new leadership.

How can he say he is taking a new direction in Iraq (which is what the American people want) when he is entertaining the idea of reinstating the draft?

There would be no reason for a draft if we didn't try and police every nation on earth...

Bush War Adviser Says Draft Worth A Look


  • At 1:07 PM, Blogger Scotty said…

    I hadn't heard this...this is rediculous!

  • At 2:07 AM, Blogger Aaron said…

    Dude, where are you getting your information? The only mention of a draft in the news was back in '04 and that was the democrats that called for it. All the papers were saying we would have a draft if Bush was reelected, but obviously they were misinformed or miscalculated.
    We don't police the whole world. But when you are the biggest on the block, and have a desire to keep the weaker ones from being picked on, you kind of have a responsibility to do things even when they are unpleasant. I'm sure you have had to do things in life that were unpleasant, things you didn't want to do, but you did them anyway because it was just something that had to be done. If you look back at the news about Iraq from the 90's, you will see that President Clinton and all the Congressional Democrats agreed that Iraq had WMD's and were working on Nukes. Everyone was on board that we should do something. That we could not just keep telling Iraq to disarm if we were not willing to make them. Even Mrs. Clinton said when she was running for Congress that Iraq "is the single biggest threat the US faces."
    One might say, "well I don't like having our troops there, dying for a country that I don't care about and there is nothing wrong with me saying so." This would be true. The problem come to the surface when faced with another critical decision like Iran. What do we do there? Do you naively think that Iran will develop a Nuke and just sit on it? Are you willing to take the chance? Do you think they will follow though with their promise to wipe the Jews off the face of the planet? Do you think that terrorist might have a better shot of getting a nuke if Iran has one? What do we do? Nothing? I am not recommending an invasion of Iran but if that threat is not a viable one because the US press has undermined our leaders authority, or perceived to have undermined his authority, Iran will not really believe that the option is on the table.
    I would also ask you to consider the long term ramifications of the military bases we have maintained over the last 60 years in Europe. Do you really think that the USSR would have fallen without then there? The only way we are going to change the way the people of the middle east think of us, is to give them the chance of freedom. The same freedom that we so often take for granted. We cannot win their hearts and minds by sitting on our hands and writing checks. We tried that for many years and it has only made things worse. Regardless of what people tell you, many Middle Eastern countries have thought of America in a positive way. It is the lunatic fringe of the Muslim religion that have begun jihad, drawing others in because they have no other hope.
    By the way you are a great writer. You have written some really good dissertations on your Blog.
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  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    Aaron - I appreciate your compliment at the end of your post...thank you very much :-) And,I do appreciate your comment but you ask where I get my informatin from???

    The purpose of my post was to respond to the story that was linked at the bottom of my post.

    Did you not see the link and check out the story where Army Lt. Gen Douglas Lute (Pres Bush's new war adviser) clearly stated the Draft was ALWAYS on the table???

    Check out the link - that was the source of this post!

    And the tone of your comment seems to imply that I approved of the comments and actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton while they were in the White House.

    I do find it interesting that whenever I write a post that is critical of the President Bush, the readers always assume that I automatically agree with what the Clintons did or said.

    The only reason why I am not bringing up anything about Bill Clinton is that he is no longer in office and I did not comment on Hillary Clinton because she has not won the presidency yet.

    The person in the White House is Bush so he is the one I directed my post at...and the subject of the post was based upon an online story that quoted his new war advisor.

    Like anything that is obtained online, people should read the story and draw their own conclusions, but I did not just simply pull that story out of thin air.

    The post was based on a story I read I made a blog entry and leave others to draw their own conclusions.

    Glad you enjoy the blog :-)


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