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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Muscle Boy Checks Me Out - GO ME! every now and then we all need to feel like someone who we think is HOT finds us attractive.

At starbucks tonight, these two guys walked in. One of them I had actually met before and he kind of blew me off and such. He didnt return my calls and consistently ignores me whenever he sees me out.

Well he was with a friend I guess and his friend was HOT. Total muscle boy in a tight white t-shirt. When they walked in, the first guy that blew me off a while back did not see me but his friend did....we locked eyes as he approached the counter.

As the first guy was ordering, the white t-shirt guy looked at me a second time and I just decided to have some fun with it. I did not look away...if anything I made my stare back at him more intense.

I was not wanting to talk to either of them...I actually have a guy I am very interested in right now...but it never hurts to know that someone thinks you are worth a second look.

In fact, they walked over near to where I was sitting and as the first guy was checking out some of the merchandise the white t shirt guy stole his 3rd glance at me. :-)

So a few more minutes passed and the got their drinks. The white t-shirt guy stole his 4th glance as his friend had his back turned adding sugar or something to his drink.

And then as they were leaving, the white t-shirt guy followed his friend out and looked back at me yet again. I was feeling so good at this point...he he

Well as they were walking outside, he stole yet another look back through the window at me...WOW.

Now as I said, I was not interested in talking to him at all....and I was only having fun, but it felt really good to know that this guy (Who I thought was absolutely hot) stole 6 looks at me to check me out :-)

Sometimes it just feels good to know that other people who you think are hot also think the same of you...

One look is good...two is awesome...but for me my night was made by 6 :-)

Go ME!


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